Since 1947, the seed breeding facility in Probstdorf has been a fundamental and successful part of Austrian agriculture. Wheat varieties, such as PROBSTDORFER RECCORD, EXTREM and PERLO, are commonly regarded as milestones in Austrian grain cultivation. The variety CAPO still is the benchmark in organic production to this day. With the establishment of Saatzucht Donau in the year 2000, the breeding progams of Probstdorfer Saatzucht and Saatbau Linz were concentrated to increase the competitive position in the international market.

At the moment, winter wheat, winter barley, durum wheat, triticale, canola, soybean and spelt breeding programs are in progress. They are operated by Saatzucht Donau in Probstdorf (Lower Austria) and Reicherberg/Inn (Upper Austria).

The climatic requirements in Probstdorf are predestined for the breeding of yield stable, profitable and high-quality varieties of winter wheat, durum and multi-row barley. Due to the continental climatic influence from the northeast, with only little precipitation and major temperature fluctuations, many varieties that were developed in Probstdorf can be successfully established in numerous Central and Eastern European countries. Varieties of Probstdorfer premium wheat are currently marketed from England to Azerbaijan.

The second breeding facility in Reichersberg/Inn (Upper Austria; in the district of Ried) has its main breeding focus on two-row barley, triticale, spelt, canola and soybean. Especially the soybean breeding program is currently developing into an international success story. Varieties, such as ALEXA, ABACA, ACARDIA, ACHILLEA, ATACAMA and ANGELICA are the first wave of successful varieties emerging from this program.

In addition to these two breeding sites, an extensive pan-European internal network for variety testing was developed over the years. This ensures that varieties of wheat, durum and winter barley that were crossed in Probstdorf can be successfully established in Central and Eastern Europe. Of course, this also applies to soybean, canola and winter barley from Reichersberg.

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