Bacterial biofertilizer for corn and winter cereals


BlueN has been developed from Methylobacterium symbioticum, an exclusive type of nitrogen fixing bacteria, which operates similarly to soybean rhizobia. After application with a field sprayer, the bacteria enter the plant through the leaves and rapidly colonize them. They start converting atmospheric nitrogen into amino acids, a preliminary stage of proteins. BlueN helps maintain crop yield and quality when nitrogen supply is limited. This can be seen as a powerful tool in times of increasing nitrogen application limitations. BlueN is “infoxgen” listed and therefore permitted in organic field cultivation. it helps reach the desired yield and quality goals even after less favorable preceding crops.

Application rate:

333 g BlueN / ha

Application: Field sprayer with 200-300 l water /ha

Application in cereals: during tillering (BBCH 25-29)

Application in corn: when 5-7 leaves are fully developed

exclusive distribution Austria

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